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Understanding What A Life Event On Facebook Is

Aside from posting statuses, photos, videos and web links on your Timeline, you can also choose to publish a Life Event. This posting will automatically be starred on your Timeline, which means that it will be highlighted as an important story. By default, a Life Event is public although you can adjust who can and cannot see it on the audience selector option of your Timeline.

There are five categories to choose from when posting a Life Event. It can be about Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health & Wellness or Travel & Experiences. Once you click one of the categories, you will be made to choose the type of story you want to post under it such as a new job, retirement, new relationship, engagement or marriage, home improvement, buying of a new home, overcoming an illness, quitting a habit, new hobby, new language and even a new tattoo or piercing.

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