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Top 10 Quotes Facebook Covers For Teens Inspired By Kush And Wizdom

Facebook is a playground for the emotions. No matter where we go on the social networking site, we can see people posting about their lives - whether they are happy, jubilant, ecstatic, sad, depressed or even scared. With the introduction of the new Timeline feature, Facebook has even become more personal for people. The new cover photo feature allows us to post a photo that reminds us of a special event in our lives or even a text quote that has significant meaning to our lives. Here, we compiled a list of the top 10 best life quotes that teens (and even adults) can relate to. Take a look into our top picks inspired by kush and wizdom and select the one that suits you.

1. Make No Stress!

make no stress facebook cover

Don't restrict yourself too much in trying to reach your goals. Learn to enjoy the journey that will take you there. A life well lived starts from the laughter you will enjoy and the tears you will share. Make the most out of that journey. Learn from it and savor the experience. It is not always the end that matters, but the in-between.

2. Work Hard Play Hard

work hard play hard kush and wizdom inspired

If you work hard, you got to play hard also. Make sure to balance your life. What kind of life would you live if you continue working hard without enjoying and reaping the benefits of that hardwork? Learn to appreciate the best that life has to offer. There is no sense in living if you don't know how to enjoy it.

3. Live Bad to Die Good

live bad to die good rap lyrics facebook covers

Although living your life to the fullest does not always guarantee that you will have the greatest of experiences, it is still a chance we all got to take. Push the limits. Challenge yourself. Take on responsibilities. Somehow, in the end, you will be able to look back at your life and smile at a life worth living again.

4. I dont want a broken heart cause I'll lose all the pieces

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? Have you felt how painful it was to lose someone you love? When we get our hearts broken, the pain is so searingly powerful that no amount of antidote can ever make us feel alive again. That's why we always have to be careful once the pain is there. We have to make sure that somehow, somewhere inside of us, we are still alright.

5. Hush, Loyalty and Respect

All we need in life are two things - respect and loyalty. But if you want to survive in this world we are living in, we also need to learn how to hustle, how to push the limits and push ourselves. We should demand the respect and loyalty we deserve. We should not be coy in letting everyone know what we want out of life.

6. You Have Enemies? Good, That Means You Stood Up For Something

If you don't have enemies, you should already question yourself. Did you stand up for something? Have you actually taken a bullet for someone? Sure, a life without enemies is a peaceful one. But a life without convictions is a senseless one. Learn to stand up for something, and you will realize the true value of life.

7. People Let You Down, God Never Does

No matter where you go, people will always let you down. Even your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances can break your heart. But do you know who will never let you down no matter what? God. He endowed you with the skills and knowledge that will enable you to reach your dreams. That is how much He loves you - even before you were born, he already put in place the things that will propel you to greatness.

8. You Want Them They Dont Want You; As Soon As They Do, Feelings Change.

Love is a curious thing. When we love a person, we see him/her only. We seek his/her love. But as soon as we are loved back, the feelings seem to change and the challenge subsides. That is why we should always treasure the people we now have in our lives. We never know when they are going to just walk away from us.

9. One Love, One Heart, One Destiny

If you already found the person you want to spend your life with, make sure you do everything you can to keep him/her. It is a rare gift of life to find someone who speaks to your heart. Destiny is something we cannot challenge. We are lucky if the person we love now is also the person destined for us. If not, we should also learn how to let go and hope that the next person we meet will be the one.

10.Two Types of Friends: Real and Fake ones.

We will meet all kinds of peeople in this life, but there will always be a select few who will stand out. These are the people who will be with us until the end. These are the people we will spnd our lives laughing and crying with. When our hair turns gray and our knees are numb, these will be the people who will sit next to us.

We hope that these quotes facebook cover photos touches your hearts and maybe, even your souls. Surely, there is one or two quotes here that touched you and inspired you. A lot has been said on Facebook and about how impersonal it is, but in one aspect that social media networks succeeded, it is that it actually made people more expressive of their feelings. A lot of people these days are more comfortable in expressing what they feel and standing up for what they believe as there are already platforms for these.

These cool cover photos are just some of the ways that we can express ourselves freely in social networking sites. If you need more facebook covers like this style, browse our Kush and Wizdom page! Enjoy!

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